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MSC Values


SAFETY-A safe working environment is good business practice for everyone. Our company is committed to a safe work environment based on training and partnership in achieving “Goal Zero” for accidental personal injuries and environmental incidents. Safety starts with formal training in current technology, state licensing of operators, continuing education for all employees, site inspections, and planning and proper execution of lift procedures. Our company operates from a formal safety plan, collects data, reviews operations, and makes improvements based on facts and figures to protect all involved-our employees, our customers, and our equipment.


Intelligent Actions– with 25 + years in business, our workforce has acquired the high levels of training and experience required for complex lifting and rigging, mobility and safety. As a “Team Approach” organization, whether it is an economic, human, or job related consideration, we utilize the combined knowledge of management, our employees and our customers to ensure the way we plan and perform our jobs and operate our equipment in a safe, efficient and well thought out manner.


Quality of Craftsmanship-Quality is driven throughout MSC. We uphold quality assurance standards by doing jobs right the first time, delivering services on-time, customizing services for our customers, striving for 100% customer satisfaction, and following up with customers. Day-to-day quality control is maintained by experienced managers, supervisors and a trained and skilled workforce. We monitor our performance throughout a job with regular data collection and audits of our performance in accordance with established specifications and standards.


SMART GROWTH-MSC is committed to making informed decisions and implementing intentional steps of planning for and implementing new developments and improvements. We create and adhere to policies and approaches that drive our company, our customers, our community, and our environment to develop in positive ways.




Regional Focus– MSC has deliberately focused on and intends to continue providing crane and rigging services within a 400 mile radius of the Central New Mexico region which makes it possible for employees to be home 90% of the year. With our eye on keeping a regional perspective, we can ensure that our customers receive top quality care and service by not spreading ourselves too thin.


Owner/Management Team– Our success is made possible by our respected and appreciated employees at all levels within the company. MSC employees respect the opportunity to work with experienced, friendly, helpful co-workers who take pride in working together as valued team members, an owner/management team who works in the field, knows the business, and recognizes employees for their dedication and skillfulness. MSC pays the highest wages in the area with benefits and offers job security regardless of trends within the crane and rigging industry. MSC employees stay because of their commitment to the company and the company’s commitment to them.


Superior Fleet-MSC provides well maintained equipment, in top-notch condition. A full-time MSC mechanic maintains equipment by adhering to safety measures and scheduled maintenance.


Customer Satisfaction-MSC strives to keep customers coming back. Customers are aware of our commitment to customer satisfaction from top management and throughout the company. MSC acknowledges where our company needs to improve, we allocate appropriate resources to the improvement of customer satisfaction, and we keep clear and frequent communication to improve customer satisfaction.


Because of our values and goals, our customers can count on a quick response, a quality workforce, customization of jobs, and access to top management.

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